Our Mission:

To Empower Students as Social Entrepreneurs

and Global Citizens




UniTED’s tutorials incubate student social projects to maximise their social impact and financial susatianabilty, and develop students into social entrepreneurs. With 20 hours of support over the course of a year, students are led through our Project Narrative Framwork to develop comprehensive strategic plans for their initiatives.

Each tutorial is one-on-one, tailored specifically to the needs of the particular project, and lasts 2-3 hours. We hold them for each initiative every 2 months to evaluate progress and set new targets. Students value our tutorials at 3 times our costs.

Currently, all projects are supported face-to-face in Uganda. However, we are open to applications from project around the world to trial this support remotely.


We believe the best way to create global citizens it to create international friendships. And social media has created unprecedented possibilities for these friendships to develop.

So, we partner students from our tutorials with their international peers who volunteer on particular tasks (reserach, projections, marketing,…)  over the internet.

Students can volunteer from anywhere in the world, for free!yellow-triangleR60


Friendships become lifelong in person. Therefore, we host volunteers in Uganda, and hold competitons for project leaders to win international trips.

Trips act as a catalyst for projects, and provide an unparalleled learning experiences. There are also many opportunities to discover the local culture and wildlife!

green-triangleR60The next big exchange to Uganda will be in August 2018, and you can apply now! We can also tailor programmes for volunteers throughout the year.


Competitions provide fantastic stimulus for social entrepreneurship, through which students win free international trips and make the partnerships offer 2-way exchanges.

Since 2012, we have been running an annual competition for Ugandan students to travel to Oxford. So far, 19 students have travelled on this iniative.

We are currently looking for other universities to also offer these competitions for students at partnered Ugandan institutions.yellow-triangleR60


UniTED also engages with a wider audience of students interested in social enrepreneurship and global citizenship through events.

Occassionally we will run our own events, but more often we partner with other organisations to deliver a training session or presentation as part of their wider conference.