Exchanges in Uganda

Peer-to-peer partnerships create the most equitable, effective, educational, enduring, and enjoyable international volunteering experience.

Why Choose UniTED?


Use your skills, fresh perspective, and passion to develop systemic development solutions, with the potential for helping many more people than you could physically interact with over a short-term trip.   


Peer-to-peer collaborations are the most appropriate form of international volunteering. You’re not going to be given undue decision-making power; you are going to have a real impact.


Continue to be involved with your Ugandan partners over the internet on returning home. The trip is just the tip of the iceberg!


Experiential learning is (by far!) the best way to learn about social entrepreneurship. UniTED’s initial training and on-going guidance provides a unique platform to attain important skills that will be useful throughout your career.


Out of peer-to-peer collaborations naturally flow friendships and a genuine experience of Ugandan culture with all its nuances – not just the typical foreign volunteer experience. UniTED also offers the freedom to explore Uganda independently or as part of a group.


(Total Estimated Cost - £1,300 // £62 per day)

Starts 10th or 31st August 2018

Work on 3 Student-led Social Ventures

Explore Uganda

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(Total Estimated Cost - £2,600 // £37 per day)

22nd June - 31st August 2018

Create a New Social Venture With a Team of Ugandans

Have An Unforgettable Summer

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