Create a New Social Venture Over a Summer Internship

Why a UniTED Internship?

This is an internship like no other. We’ll let you experience entrepreneurship… creating a new social venture with a team of 2-3 other interns.

Each week we’ll have a 3 hour workshop for all interns and then a 2 hour tutorial for each venture team. The rest of the time, you’ll be working with your team to complete assignments and build something great!

Our framework is based upon Human Centred Design and Lean Start-Up methodologies. You’ll design and prototype an idea within 3 month period. By August you’ll have co-founded a social venture which you can continue to lead into the future.

Desired Qualities

  • Undergraduates (or recent graduates who can commit to the 3 months program, full-time)
  • Servant-hearted; interested in helping others
  • Willingness to learn and work independently
  • Good teambuilder and communicator
  • Entrepreneurial and adaptable mindset
  • Able to live in Kampala between June and August 2018

Please note we are unable to offer a stipend or accommodation for interns.