Create a New Social Venture Over a Summer Internship

Why a UniTED Internship?

This is an internship like no other. We’ll let you experience entrepreneurship… creating a new social venture with a team of 2-3 other interns.

Each week we’ll have a 3 hour workshop for all interns and then a 2 hour tutorial for each venture team. Using Human Centred Design and Lean Start-Up methodologies, you’ll spend the rest of the time completing tasks to design and prototype an idea within 3 month period. By August you’ll have co-founded a social venture which you can continue to lead into the future.

Desired Qualities

  • Undergraduates (or recent graduates who can commit to the 3 months program)
  • Servant-hearted; interested in helping others
  • Willingness to learn and work independently
  • Good teambuilder and communicator
  • Entrepreneurial and adaptable mindset
  • Able to live in Kampala between June and August 2018