UniTED helps students turn their ideas into impactful & sustainable organisations.


We do this primarily through our unique tutorials, which can gude you in  developing a social project. We also assist projects with connections to international student volunteers to help on particular tasks.



UniTED believe in learning through doing. Therefore, to create social entrepreneurs, we target students taking their first steps in creating a social project.

We offer these students tutorials, a form of lite-touch incubation, to maximise their social impact and financial susatianabilty. With 20 hours of support over the course of a year, students are led through our Project Narrative Framwork to develop comprehensive strategic plans for their initiatives.

Each tutorial is one-on-one, tailored specifically to the needs of the particular project, and lasts 2-3 hours. We hold them for each initiative every 2 months to evaluate progress and set new targets. Students value these tutorials more than double our costs of delivering them.

Currently, all projects are supported face-to-face in Uganda. However, we are open to applications from project around the world to trial this support remotely.

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Volunteer Partnerships

To create global citizens and further strenghten projects, we can match projects to our international volunteers, who can help over the internet with particular tasks such as research, writing surveys, financial projections, and marketing.

We will introduce everyone together over an intitial skype and volunteers will join our tutorials every 2 months to ensure than they are helping the project most efficiently.

These collaborations can be exceptionally fruitful and develop into great friendships, with volunteers even having joined the boards of some projects.


We also hold competitions to reward and stimulate social entrepreneurship.

Winners get an international trip to a partnered university, whose students raise the money to cover flights, accomodation, and other expenses. This allows us to hold two-way exchanges – a really exciting element of our model.

Since 2012, we have been running an annual competition for Ugandan students to travel to Oxford. So far, 19 students have travelled on this iniative.