New Social Enterprises




Lifelong Friendships


UniTED offers unique volunteering trips to Uganda.

Rather than the traditional model of building a well, or teaching in a school, we place volunteers on a university campus, using your natural skills to work with teams of Ugandan peers to catalyze their social enterprises.

Why Travel with UniTED?


Authentic Friendships

New friendships make everything much more enjoyable and valuable. Plus, they give a real experience of Ugandan culture.

Real Responsibility

Have a pivotal influence on the design and impact on some projects.

Become a Social Entrepreneur

With UniTED’s training at the start of your trip, and subsequent application, you’ll have gained several valuable skills and experience.

Maximum Impact

Work on a couple of promising projects that are creating system changes and need your skills.

Safe Independence

You’re in control of your programme, but UniTED staff are on hand to help out whenever you need.


Continue to volunteer from home on the same initiatives after you return to guareentee the sustainability of your work.

Explore Uganda

Travel around Uganda – the Pearl of Africa – for field work on projects, safari, white water rafting… the list goes on!

Be a Global Citizen

The 2017 Programme

Additional Adventures!



Kampala Tour

Kampala Tour



Source of Nile

Source of Nile

Bungee Jump

Bungee Jump


3 Weeks - Summer 2017 £500 / $625

24th August to 14th September

Large Group of Travelling Students


Airport Pick-up/Drop-off

Training Workshop

Connections to at least 2 projects

24/7 Support

Tailored Package

Offered Year-Round

Price Flexible

Stay for up to 3 Months

Or just 1 Week for Backpackers

All Packages include Training Workshops & Project Connections

Accomodation and Other Services/Activities Offered

Group Discounts Available